Daily Archives: July 19, 2016

Spiritual Awakening Used Cars for Sale! by J. Stewart Dixon

Warning!: Certified fresh P.olitically I.ncorrect E.nlightenment blog post here. Don’t read if you have no tolerance for overbearing asshole spiritual opinions. Warning! Stay out if you are gullible, non-discriminating, and have zero spiritual sense of humor. Warning!: You did not use the law of attraction to manifest this blog post into your life. Warning!: Killing Buddhas in the road will ...

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Transference 101 by J Stewart Dixon

Teacher, Guide Transference / Transmission and the Awakening Enlightenment Process Okay. Let’s talk about what I call transference and what a lot of teachers call transmission. There are two ways I can approach this topic: 1. From a pseudo-scientific hypothetical point of view & 2. From my own experiential point of view. I’ll attempt to do both. It’s an important ...

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Love is Contagious – Why Advaita Nondual Satsang teachers stare and pause

I’d like to share my blue collar enlightenment back stage insights about teachers (me included occasionally) who do a whole lotta staring and pausing and the necessity for balance with this teaching tool and style. You’ve heard it called different names- transmission, transference, morphogenic fields, mirror neurons, speaking from stillness, etc. But what is it really? Is it necessary?  How ...

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