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Today’s Satsang Invitation is inviting you to ‘fall in’ – to fall in even more deeply – in Love with this fine Self that you are.

Many people find that they experience more criticism of themselves than love. This has been a habit of most human beings (up until now). Humans have been much more active in telling each other how they could be better than admiring how they already are so it is no wonder that we pick up this habit about ourselves. Couple this with the idea that we are only ‘supposed to’ admire, care, give to, and love others and not much time is spent in learning to fall in love with ourselves – to accept and enjoy that which we already are, what is already here – and one can see how this habit gets centre stage.

I can only strongly invite this, the way of it (the action) comes in your own way of being…quite personally. In other words, it is in how you hear the invitation and take action on it that supports the falling in with yourself.  This falling in love with your fine Self is to allow yourself to relax into all of who you are, all that you do, all that you have done and will do. All of this is found here with you in each moment. It is in Being With your Self in each moment, exploring what is actually happening that deepens the love. After all, it’s all love so you would be spending moments in curious exploration with love itself.  If you ever find yourself bummed out with you, or not happy with yourself, take a closer look at what is really going on. If you sit down right in that moment (or as close to the moment that you notice the unhappy feeling) you might find that the unhappy feeling is only a ‘top note’ of what is really going on.  Falling in love with yourself requires that you spend moments with yourself to really see what is happening with you in any moment of looking.

This is not figuring out what is ‘wrong’ by using the mind, instead the invitation is to sit down and breathe deeply, let your body relax and feel where the ‘unhappy’ feeling/energy is residing in that moment. Keep breathing and allowing the whole body to be supported by the chair that you are sitting in, or the floor or where ever it is you are being with you. Let the area of where the unhappiness appears to be reveal itself to you, let awareness rest there…keep breathing deeply (this supports what is happening in the body to be noticed more easily than what the mind might be saying about the whole happening). Do not bypass the energy by opening to the absolute, stay with the truth of what is happening with this human that you are – this is where the love of him or her can be found.

Perhaps this sounds simple, and yet it is not so simple as the top note (in this case ‘unhappiness’) rarely gives an indication of what will show up – of how the energy reveals itself to you in the moment. Also, most people are attempting to change how they feel instead of resting open to it. Afterwards it will make perfect sense how the energy came to be and you will understand more of you. This simple exercise has happening with thousands of people, it works every single time.

So what does this take? Firstly an interest, an interest in yourself. Secondly the action of hearing, or listening to yourself – giving yourself space to let the moment show you what is really going on. This is a very loving happening: to hang out with you; to get to know yourself better; to be listened to; to be heard; to be felt and then also to be understood once the energy unfolds to show you what it is really about. Then all of what is happening softens as it is all so reasonable, and sometimes astounding, how the energy gets locked inside in the various ways that it does. This is the action of you giving the energy that at first is stuck in it’s categorization of unwanted energy, to transform, giving that freedom to flow. The energy then becomes embodied – a free flowing aspect of yourself, no longer held captive. You gave it space ‘to be’.

This spending moments with yourself in this way is simply loving and as you get to know yourself better, and understand how and why you are the way you are in the moment, you cannot help but fall in love with you – more and more deeply. To fall in love with the human being that you are – ALL of you!

Loving you is not something that you ‘do’, it is a side effect of how you are With yourself. You can ignore what is going on (this would be ignoring you) or you can spend interested, curious moments in Being With this wonderful treasure, the gift of who you are.

There is another wonderful side effect to this practice: as you spend more time with yourself – being interested and listening to what is really going on – other people will also. You create an ‘in road’ to Being With who you are and other people find the road more easily. As well as a more easy going, loving way of you Being With All That Is!

About Canela Michelle Meyers   www.canelamichelle.com

Canela Michelle supports people to relax more and more into who they already are. She supports them to use real, in the moment details to Be Present – to accept the gift of Now. In her on-going invitation, nothing is left out, all is included as all is Love. She lives this and supports others to allow this for themselves. She is not someone to ‘follow’, she points you to you yourSelf, where All resides.  Canela has been offering Satsang around the world since 1999; is a director on the board of “PARADOXICA: Journal of Nondual Psychology & Yearly Conference” www.paradoxica.ca;  is a certified Kunadlini Yoga Instructor;  is a ReiKi Master who has been teaching and practicing ReiKi since 1994, working with thousands of people in exploring life as energy. 



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