Transference 101 by J Stewart Dixon

Teacher, Guide Transference / Transmission and the Awakening Enlightenment Process


Okay. Let’s talk about what I call transference and what a lot of teachers call transmission. There are two ways I can approach this topic: 1. From a pseudo-scientific hypothetical point of view & 2. From my own experiential point of view. I’ll attempt to do both. It’s an important topic and one that I think a lot of people are ignorant of, confused by, afraid of, or wigged out by. So let’s shed a little light here so you can stop whining about it, ignoring it, or denying it and can start taking advantage of it.

First of all, let me say- I am biased. I believe in transference; I sat with teachers who offered it; I felt it; benefited from it; and last but not least woke up because of it. No pansy-ass milk-toast opinion here about transference. If Walmart were having a holiday black friday midnight special sale on transference I’d be first in line, and I’d beat old ladies out of the way to get it ( Just kidding – gotta live up to P.I.E. namesake every now and then)

PART ONE: Transference / My Point of View:

In a nutshell, transference is that strange magical thing that happens when you sit with an awakened / enlightened teacher and his or her vibe rubs off on you, until eventually you attain awakening /enlightenment. What’s cool about it, is that for the most part, you do nothing. You just sit there, and by some strange means of osmosis or morphogenetic-magneto-energetic-co-sympathetic sine-wave field entrainment you get the enlightenment goods.

I personally found that the most consistently effective form of transference involved sustained eye contact with the teacher or guide during silence or intimate conversation.

What you will feel: At first you’ll probably feel nothing, but slowly over time, (especially if you allow yourself to be vulnerable, open and honest during conversation/interaction with the teacher/guide) you will begin to feel the effects of transference. Slowly your whole body-mind-spirit will start to get it. And what is it? It is none other than the whole bodily-being energetic experience of real awakening. Those first few glimpses of awakening, initially garnered from transference, are how the body/mind trains itself to contain the fuller and permanent effects/energy of awakening. Simply put, it’s during transference that the seed of enlightenment takes root. The trick is having fertile ground. How does one create fertile ground? As stated earlier – you need to be vulnerable, open, and honest. You need to be courageous. Here’s how it worked for me:

Red Neck Enlightenment Journal 1996:

“ Way back yonder, when there were just a few crazy-assed enlightened dudes runnin’ around givin’ satsung I sponsored this feller named Arjuna Nick Ardagh. I thought he was an Injun. Nope- he was a skinny white dude just like me with a strange British twang in his voice. I liked the guy right from the get-go. He flew in to Maryland from that strange country called Califerniya. He stayed in my house. We gathered some other folks and we had us a satsung. (Satsung is when you get together with a teacher and students to talk, and meditate, stare at each other, and other pansy stuff) In the beginning I didn’t feel diddly-squawt! Then I got mad. Then I got madder. Then I blubbered and balled like a baby cause I was so dang frustrated- and then- holy mother a gawd!!- I felt it. That Arjuna was eminatin’ some sort a wonderful vibe and I started to get it. I fell into a most profound space a reverence, silence and meditation. Who da thought? It took me hours before and now it took just a few minutes. Once I blubbered and balled everything changed….That’s how I done it.“

Okay. Here’s the deal- you wanna get maximum benefit from transference? You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable, exposed, and open. Don’t hide or deny anything. You’d be surprised how ego is able to hide behind the tiniest of stones. So open up, blubber, cry, get mad, confront fear, tremble, and bow- and do all of this with an awakened teacher /guide/advisor. That is how transference becomes effective. You soften up your nervous system. You melt a little. This is what I did. After this satsang weekend workshop occasion with Arjuna I gradually became more and more available to and sensitive to the benefits of transference. With every sitting (with Arjuna and other teachers) it just kept getting stronger and stronger.


TOP 20 LIST: My Top 20 list of Transference methods and effectiveness:

  1. Teacher/Guide /Advisor and student; one on one private session.
  2. Teacher/Guide /Advisor with a small group of students in a safe environment (house)
  3. Teacher/Guide /Advisor with large group of people in a safe environment (hall/church)
  4. Teacher/Guide/Advisor and student – utilizing Skype one on one.
  5. Teacher/Guide /Advisor and student- utilizing phone one on one.
  6. DVD of a Teacher/Guide /Advisor interacting with people – watched with small group of people with discussion and meditation.
  7. DVD of a Teacher/Guide /Advisor speaking directly to camera – watched with small group of people with discussion and meditation.
  8. DVD of a Teacher/Guide /Advisor interacting with people or speaking directly to camera- watched alone in home or office.
  9. Audio Recording of Teacher/Guide /Advisor – listened to alone in safe environment.
  10. Audio Recording of Teacher/Guide /Advisor – listened to with small group of people with discussion and meditation.
  11. Group discussion about awakening / enlightenment with no Teacher/Guide/Advisor present in a private setting (house)
  12. Group discussion about awakening / enlightenment with no Teacher/Guide/Advisor present in a public setting (coffee house)
  13. Autobiographical books by Teacher/Guide /Advisor describing his or her actual experience of awakening / enlightenment.
  14. Teaching books by Teacher/Guide /Advisor attempting to teach or guide the student about awakening / enlightenment.
  15. Meditation in sacred spaces or settings where past (currently dead) Teachers / Guides /Advisers lived or taught.
  16. Meditation with or guidance from drugs.
  17. Meditation with or guidance from teachers who have been dead for decades or centuries.
  18. Meditation with or guidance from disembodied spirits, souls, avatars, or angels.
  19. Meditation with or guidance from George W. Bush.
  20. Meditation with or guidance from crystals, dolphins, or trees.

PART TWO: Transference / Other Points of View:

Since this is such an important topic I wanted a few other opinions/ideas here. I gathered these from the web:

Dave Oshana

Transmission forms the basis of my teaching. If it was not for Transmission then there would be no teacher, no teaching and no enlightenment….Man wants to persist in the illusion that he can independently sustain his own life, when in fact he is totally dependent upon Life to sustain him. For the purposes of this essay, Transmission can be considered an element of the Life-force which sustains and directs us….Transmission can appear to happen simultaneously with words, actions or perceptions. However, the outer form of these events could vary greatly on each occasion. … So, what actually happens during Transmission? Briefly, the student’s awareness is pulled forth from behind the curtain of the mind’s perceptual filters to come into direct contact with the vibrancy of life as it actually is. “

Waking Down in Mutuality:

Transmission: The Waking Down in Mutuality work includes a direct transmission of an awakened state from teacher to student. You will feel deeply seen and nurtured, and your Being will be sparked and ignited as a result of the palpable, mysterious exchange and presence. The transmission is an essential ingredient to realizing your embodied conscious awakening. … As you are deeply seen and unconditionally accepted as infinite consciousness in mutuality, you can can relax into your own Being and all of who you are. This condition prepares you for significant or sudden shifts in lifelong patterns and beliefs, and readies you to integrate deep-seated shadow material in your embodied awakening process.”

The Way of the Heart:

You become what you meditate on — Everything is transmission. The stones transmit, the sky does, the TV does. Since everything and everyone transmits states of existence, since life, or existence itself, is participation in transmissions of all kinds, the best thing you can do is to associate with the greatest possible Transmission above all: the Transmission of the Fully Awakened Spiritual Master, the Transmission of the Awakened State Itself. That is the great rule, the Great Law, the Ultimate principle of the Great Tradition: You become what you meditate on. That is the way Spiritual Realization occurs: through the relationship with teacher and his Transmission.”

Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Field Theory

“Morphic field” is a term introduced by Sheldrake. The hypothesis is that a particular form belonging to a certain group, which has already established its (collective) “morphic field”, will tune into that “morphic field”. The particular form will read the collective information through the process of “morphic resonance”, using it to guide its own development. This development of the particular form will then provide, again through “morphic resonance”, a feedback to the “morphic field” of that group, thus strengthening it with its own experience, resulting in new information being added (i.e. stored in the database). … That a mode of transmission of shared informational patterns and archetypes might exist did gain some tacit acceptance when it was proposed as the theory of the collective unconscious by renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung.”

My last words on this topic:

I don’t claim to completely understand the whole process of transference / transmission and I don’t think anyone truly, ever will; but– it works. I don’t know how the engine in my car works. I don’t know how my computer cpu works. Do I care? Nope. When I was an unhappy spiritual seeker I didn’t care about how transference worked either. It was just the thing I did to get my sodden unhappy ass out of the swamp of existential depression and onto the dry land of peace and well-being. It’s what I did. It’s what I recommend you do if you truly wish to wake up. Good luck folks. Hope this helped…

About J. Stewart Dixon /

J. Stewart Dixon is an unorthodox nondual-advaita-zen spiritual awakening teacher and founder of Blue Collar Enlightenment. Born in 1969 J. Stewart began his spiritual search at the age of eighteen, urged on by a general sense of unhappiness, depression and an impulse that something was missing from his life. He passionately and actively continued searching (via numerous paths and dozens of teachers) until the age of forty-one, when while reading a nondual awakening article online, he fell into what is commonly reported as awakening and his search ended. Shortly thereafter he began writing and teaching.



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