Spiritual Awakening Video Exercise – Be Only the Body

Spiritual Awakening Video Exercise & Guidance

The Shut-Off Valve Exercise

The Shut-Off Valve Exercise. Time Needed:  @ 21 Minutes  The Shut-Off Valve Exercise  gives you a direct experience of awakened awareness by shutting off all your tendencies to be everywhere except in your body.  This exercise will help you to be completely present, clear and awake in and only as the body.  (Exercise from the BCE Breakthrough Course)

Guidance / Running Time: 2:21

Exercise / Running Time: 18:11


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  1. Hi blue collar guy. I would like to sign up for your Be only the Body course. I have been a seeker for a long time and would like to have a big breakthrough right about now. Life seems pretty pointless and a new shift in perspective would very welcome

    Thank you

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