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Depression- Spiritual Awakening or Antidepressants ?

Depression- Spiritual Awakening or Antidepressants? About 12% of everyone you know is on antidepressants.  Our collective addiction, over-prescription, misdiagnosis and acquiescence to big pharmaceutical has resulted in a CVS on every street corner in America and no real long-term cure for depression.  I’m dedicating a large part of my teaching to offering a radical natural cure to depression. Running Time: ...

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7 Signs of a Mature Spiritual Teacher & 28 Signs of Awakening by Fiona & J Stewart

7 Ways to tell if a Spiritual Teacher is Trustworthy by Fiona Robertson 18 Indicators of Spiritual Awakening by J. Stewart Dixon J. Stewart Dixon / Editor’s note:  I had the pleasure of co-teaching a Blue Collar Enlightenment course with Fiona Robertson late in 2015.  I’ve read her great book The Art of Finding Yourself (endorsed it for her publishers ...

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What is Spirituality? by Will Pye

What is Spirituality? by Will Pye J. Stewart Dixon / Editor’s note:  I had the great opportunity to teach a few online webinar courses with Will Pye earlier this year.  I’ve read his book, I’ve taught with him. I’ve laughed and listened with him.  One of these days I’m gunna have to share a pint with him 🙂 Here’s a ...

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