How to achieve a spiritual awakening breakthrough

How to achieve a spiritual awakening breakthrough: Resetting your spiritual path with or without drugs. (And how to do so safely and intelligently)


Last summer I went on a six mile kayak fishing trip with a younger friend /buddy. He offered me some mushrooms to “reset” while on the trip. I passed, but I heartily invited him to do so. He took a mild safe, amount and we both had a beautiful float and fishing trip and conversational exchange. (I’m being demure here- it was an awesome trip)

I’ve “reset” without drugs five major times during my life. In minor ways (and sometimes with drugs) I’ve reset dozens of other times. I love this term – “reset.” Everyone should reset- especially if it’s been at the five year mark. If you’ve been doing the same thing, the same experience, the same set of steps, conversations, exchanges, views, people, etc- your life paradigm- for five years or more and nothing has changed- you’re due for a reset.

In this article we’ll explore the do’s and don’ts of resetting with and without drugs.

This post doesn’t go into a lot of HOW details but below is a free video course, several E-books, and a lot lot more that will get you well on your way.  RESET and  Download it now.

Resetting With Drugs

As a modern spiritual awakening teacher it’s always been somewhat taboo to talk about drugs (I mean natural ones like marijuana, mushrooms, salvia divinorum or ayahausca)  as a means of insight or growth. But I’ve never shied away from being a black sheep and I won’t now.  Yes I’ve smoked pot and taken hallucinogens. It’s all about balance, moderation, intelligence and safety.  Ask the folks in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington.  They’ll agree.


If you are severely depressed, suicidal or have a persistent psychological issues- don’t reset with drugs.  If you take prescription pharmaceuticals I wouldn’t reset with drugs.  If you have an addictive personality you shouldn’t reset with drugs.  If you’ve never done drugs to reset you should get a friend or a guide to watch over you.  If you are super sensitive to caffeine, alcohol or over-the-counter drugs I wouldn’t recommend resetting with drugs.  If you don’t know a safe and reliable source to acquire them I wouldn’t reset with drugs. If you don’t have a safe and comfortable environment to do so I wouldn’t reset with drugs. So you see what I mean here man?  Be intelligent.  Get help, advice and guidance.  Trust your intuition.


Okay if no red flags come up from the list above then go for it- reset with some natural drugs.  Be safe.  Be smart. Follow your intuition.  Here’s how to apply the reset to your spiritual path:

A. Before the reset determine your objective. For instance you might want to know how or what to do to get unstuck from a long period of zero change. Determine what you want.  Determine a question:  e., What can I do to make a real change?  And then do the reset.  If you want to get precise value from the reset you need to go into it with a precise objective or question.  Writing it down on a sheet of paper before the reset is always a great idea.

B. Do the reset in a safe, quiet, comfortable place. I think resets for your spiritual path require a certain amount of solitude, nature, ground and safety. If you can do so stay at home, be outside or go camping.  Find a place you trust and love.  Be with someone you trust or love.  Your results from the reset will be better, more accurate and gentler if your surroundings reflect this.

C. Take with a grain of salt whatever insight, message or direction you receive. Know that there is always a certain percentage of total BS generated in any drug induced reset. The mind is a tricky bitch (especially when high) and will happily create all sorts of cartoonish, fictional and delusional ideas, thoughts and insights. Be aware of this.

D. Write it down. If you can, during or after the reset keep a notepad and take notes.  All of it will probably seem like divine fucking intervention to you during the reset and afterwards 90% of it will seem like utter bullshit.  Glean the nuggets.

E. Don’t act on it during or immediately after the reset. So your higher self told you to fast, go naked for seven days and to hand out flowers at the mall while you’re doing so. Yeah, um, you’re gunna regret that.  Do not follow any directions, insights or advice given to you in the reset until a few days after the reset.  This allows you to take clear and level headed action instead of drug-induced folly.

F. Discuss your reset with a friend, teacher or mentor. Getting a trusted, objective second opinion about your reset will help you to determine what if any actions to take.

Resetting Without Drugs:

Resetting your spiritual path can obviously be done without drugs.  Below is a list of 16 ways (free and paid) to reset your spiritual path without drugs.

Mostly Free Methods of Resetting Your Spiritual Path

  1. Juice fast for a week (obviously do some research and do it right)
  2. Spend a day or the weekend immersed in nature
  3. Get a free consultation with an Spiritual Awakening Teacher- most offer this. (I do- just ask)
  4. Do a sweat lodge (yeah it’s new agey & hippy dippy but they’re cool)
  5. Join a spiritual meetup group of your choice and attend
  6. Keep a written journal for 30 days
  7. Have a sit down real talk with a friend or relative about your life and theirs. Really focus on the big issues- happiness, love, fulfillment, or conversely unhappiness, depression or meaninglessness.
  8. Try a yoga class for 30 days
  9. Try a new daily exercise for 30 days

Paid Methods of Resetting Your Spiritual Path

  1. Check out The Monroe Institute and have yourself an out-of-body experience.
  2. Get 3 Sessions with a Therapist
  3. Get 3 Sessions with an Awakening Teacher  (J. Stewart at your service- email me)
  4. Go on weekend or week long retreat or workshop
  5. Try a flotation-deprivation tank
  6. Take an online Spiritual Awakening course (YES- the BCE course)
  7. Take an Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Class at your local college or hospital.

Please leave a comment below!  Have you ever reset?  Come on- give us the nitty gritty…

Oh and final suggestion –

Do a reset- Grab the Spiritual Awakening First Aide Kit below.  Best,- J. Stewart

About J. Stewart Dixon 

J. Stewart Dixon is an unorthodox nondual-advaita-zen spiritual awakening teacher and founder of Blue Collar Enlightenment. Born in 1969 J. Stewart began his spiritual search at the age of eighteen, urged on by a general sense of unhappiness, depression and an impulse that something was missing from his life. He passionately and actively continued searching (via numerous paths and dozens of teachers) until the age of forty-one, when while reading a nondual awakening article online, he fell into what is commonly reported as awakening and his search ended. Shortly thereafter he began writing and teaching.


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