Spiritual Awakening Symptoms Volume 2

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms Volume 2- The raw unhyped truth about spiritual awakening enlightenment, how to attain it & what to expect.

  1. You listen to your head too much
  2. You listen to your heart too much

So last night I was sitting in my hot tub, drinking a glass of cabernet sauvignon and smoking a Tatuaje Havana cigar and I had a deep spiritual insight.  The insight went something like this:

I dunno man.  Do you really think you can

get away with admitting that as a spiritual teacher

you get insights, while naked in you hot tub,

drinking wine and smoking cigars?

Sure- fuck it- let em’ unsubscribe. 

There are two sides to this teaching.

  Nice guy and bad guy.

Head & Heart.


And what I realized, which I knew all along, but perhaps wasn’t clear to me until my hot tub reverie, was that if you’re on the path to blue collar enlightenment  or spiritual awakening,  you need to hear the truth from two different sources.  You need to hear it from a source who listens, accepts, and unconditionally loves.  And you need to hear it from a source who is willing to insult you, wrestle you in the mud and sometimes, with tough-love fierceness, tell you that you’re being a fuck-up.

This post doesn’t go into a lot of HOW details but below is a free video course, several E-books, and a lot lot more that will get you well on your way.  Download it now while supplies last 😉

Nice Guys

When I look back upon my own spiritual path, it’s clear to me now, that I had exactly these two types of teachers: Nice guy and bad guy.  Most of the time the teacher embodied one or the other characteristic and ninety percent of the time it was the nice guy character.  Actually, when I look back upon the landscape of available teachers at the time (mostly in the 90’s) I can say with clear confidence that just about ninety percent of all teachers then were the single sided nice guy type.

Well, who doesn’t like a nice guy right?  Easy to get along with.  Congenial.  Accepting. Loving.  Embracing  (Ammachi anyone?) .  Nice guys win.  Nice guys dress the part, look the part, play the part and just seem…well, so damn, you know …nice.  Enlightened nice.  Awakened nice.

If you think a big BUT or HOWEVER is coming you have surmised correctly.

I will be the first to tell you that I liked the nice guys and I still do.  There are many nice guy teachers (Adyashanti anyone?)  who, like the Beatles, you just can’t deny are singing a beautiful song.  Indeed, if you are longing to wake up, at some point, you will most definitely need a nice guy teacher to guide you into the hidden, vulnerable, exposed, raw and hurting parts of your being.  Nice guys are good at doing this.  Nice guys sing beautiful songs.  Like an ambrosia pollen wafting in the mid-summer air, nice guys emit a vibe that drives all the bees crazy with desire and longing to find the flower.

As a teacher, much of my work utilizes the nice guy character- my first book, my online Blue Collar Enlightenment course and most of the private sessions I do.

Bad Guys

Okay- here’s the BUT.

But, when I look back upon my own awakening striving and struggling it wasn’t the nice guys that pushed me through the awakening doorway.  It was the bad guys.  The nice guys laid all the heart-felt ground work and then the bad guys swooped in and did the dirty work of actually waking my ass up. Saniel Bonder, Steve Norquist, Jed McKenna, Adi-Da, Andrew Cohen, and A. Ramana- these were my bad guy super-hero teachers.  I loved and still love them dearly.

Bad guys tell it like it is.  Bad guys aren’t afraid to insult you (expert bad guys can do this in a respectful, tough-love way) .  Bad guys don’t candy-coat what the road to awakening is like.  Bad guys don’t candy-coat what awakening itself is like.  Bad guys don’t prey on your naivete  (and trust me your spiritually naive at least in some way) Bad guys will get down in the trenches with you, grab a shovel and help you dig out of that shit you’re in.  Bad guys are the tough-loving adults in your spiritual adolescent life.  You need bad guys just as much as you need nice guys.

The appearance of nice guys and bad guys on my path wasn’t linear.  They appeared at various times, in various places, throughout my whole seeking adventure.  I had both.  I learned from both.

I regularly exposed myself go both.

But-  in the end, here’s what I can tell you:   My path to awakening began with a bad guy ( Adi Da)  and ended with a bad guy (Steve Norquist.)  And the last big spiritual growth push into the nitty gritty of authentic awakened life was facilitated by one of my favorite bad guy/nice guy combo heroes, Saniel Bonder.  Bad guy / nice guy combo teachers are the rarest, and in my humble opinion the best.  This is what I, as a teacher, imperfectly, strive to be.

So if you are feeling spiritually stuck-
it just might be that your ratio of nice guy to bad guy (internally and externally)  is out of balance and out of whack.  And if I were a betting man … I’d wager you’ve had far too much nice guy.

So what you’re saying is that it’s okay,

and if you can pull it off,

to be both types of teacher?

Yes, because most students need

both types of teachers- nice

guys and bad guys.

So everyone then, is both a nice guy

and a bad guy?

Yes, recognizing and embracing our dual

nature is the key to waking up to our

nondual nature.

It’s a paradox.

Yes it is. You want another

 glass of wine?

Abso-fucking- lutely

Final thoughts and recommendation

Thanks for hanging out with me in this post !  So now what , you say?  Now grab the Spiritual Awakening First Aide Kit below and begin your own crazy awesome awakened life.  Best,- J. Stewart

About J. Stewart Dixon www.bluecollarenlightenment.com 

J. Stewart Dixon is an unorthodox nondual-advaita-zen spiritual awakening teacher and founder of Blue Collar Enlightenment. Born in 1969 J. Stewart began his spiritual search at the age of eighteen, urged on by a general sense of unhappiness, depression and an impulse that something was missing from his life. He passionately and actively continued searching (via numerous paths and dozens of teachers) until the age of forty-one, when while reading a nondual awakening article online, he fell into what is commonly reported as awakening and his search ended. Shortly thereafter he began writing and teaching.


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