Nondual Binaural Meditation- The 4 Fundamentals

Nondual Binaural Meditation- The 4 Fundamentals

The Fundamental EXPERIENTIAL Building Blocks of the Awakening Process

In this video we’ll explore 4 of the fundamental experiential building blocks of the awakening process:

1 A guided body-scan meditation for mindfulness and self-inquiry development

2. Binaural beats (isochronic alpha wave tones) for rapid open-eyed meditation development

3.  Eye contact with an awakened teacher which facilitates a type of awakened resonant transmission

4. A therapeutic invitation to meet your wounds, limitations, sorrow, anxiety, stress and suffering.

These are some of the nuts and bolts of the awakening process.  Do these things regularly you’ll wake up sooner than later.

Although not required- to get the MOST out of this video use headphones.

Guidance / Running Time: 18:20

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  1. This was the perfect way to start my Sunday morning. This helped me achieve the expansive state that I usually only experience in person.
    Thank you

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