Awakening Inspiration

There’s no such thing as enlightenment

This is probably the best thing I could say to any spiritual seeker to get them to stop fantasizing about something bigger or better over there and in the future. When all your nondual advaita zen buddhist day dreams finally come true you will indeed realize that it’s all been a sham. Enlightenment? Nope. En-human-ment …yes. This does not discount ...

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Neuroscience is catching up to Spirituality by J. Stewart Dixon / Theory

Last fall I took a Mindfulness and the Brain course at the University of Virginia’s Mindfulness Center. It was a revelation; not in terms of the mind’s potential, or it’s power to change or its’ more esoteric capabilities. Nope. I learned those lessons from some twenty-five years of spiritual seeking and now teaching in the schoolhalls of new-age metaphysics, yoga, ...

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Three Rules of Desire by Catherine Ingram / Inspiration

We are hungry animals. Hungry for food, drink, emotional and physical stimulation, things, experiences, sex, lovers, kids, money, power–there is literally no end to our collective longings. We come from a long ancestral heritage of hungry creatures who were pretty damn good at beating out the competition, be it humans or other animals. Lusty and aggressive, our ancestors could be ...

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