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Spiritual Awakening Disappointment

Trading in your separation, unhappiness, longing and seeking for disappointment is a good idea in my opinion. There’s just no way that spiritual awakening / enlightenment is going to live up to the social, historical, mythical and mental expectations that have taken hold in you. Instead, embrace complete disappointment and see what happens… HD 1080p / Running Time: 11:47

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There’s no such thing as enlightenment

This is probably the best thing I could say to any spiritual seeker to get them to stop fantasizing about something bigger or better over there and in the future. When all your nondual advaita zen buddhist day dreams finally come true you will indeed realize that it’s all been a sham. Enlightenment? Nope. En-human-ment …yes. This does not discount ...

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Love is Contagious – Why Advaita Nondual Satsang teachers stare and pause

I’d like to share my blue collar enlightenment back stage insights about teachers (me included occasionally) who do a whole lotta staring and pausing and the necessity for balance with this teaching tool and style. You’ve heard it called different names- transmission, transference, morphogenic fields, mirror neurons, speaking from stillness, etc. But what is it really? Is it necessary?  How ...

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