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50 Natural Cures for Depression

50 Natural Cures for depression

From snake oil to remedies, practices & cures- Join the movement, learn how to overcome depression naturally & return to a healthy, happy life.  You or someone you know is probably depressed.  If so, I bet the following may apply to you: This battle with depression has been lingering intermittently or chronically for years, and while pharmaceuticals have provided some ...

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Depression and Awakening by J. Stewart Dixon

I talk a lot about existential depression… It’s a very important element, if not the most important element in the spiritual awakening / enlightenment process.  Existential depression and spiritual awakening are two sides of the same coin. Existential depression is the invitational doorway into spiritual awakening.  Existential depression is the natural healing expression of transcending egoic mind-based pain, suffering, and separation. ...

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Depression- Spiritual Awakening or Antidepressants ?

Depression- Spiritual Awakening or Antidepressants? About 12% of everyone you know is on antidepressants.  Our collective addiction, over-prescription, misdiagnosis and acquiescence to big pharmaceutical has resulted in a CVS on every street corner in America and no real long-term cure for depression.  I’m dedicating a large part of my teaching to offering a radical natural cure to depression. Running Time: ...

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