Submission Guidelines for Blue Collar Enlightenment (BCE)

BCE welcomes all authors / teachers / experts / creators to submit material for display on our website in three main sections: Spirituality, Mindfulness and Awakening.  In general we are  interested in written articles as opposed to videos.  Use your best judgment when submitting material.  Before submitting material please visit and carefully read the About  page to get a detailed understanding of what type of materials we are specifically interested in for Spirituality, Mindfulness and Awakening. BCE has its‘ own unique criteria and definitions.

Content submitted to BCE can either be original or previously published. We claim no rights to content.  Authors receive full credit for their submissions.We do not guarantee submissions will be used.  We have the right to cancel or remove any articles or content. The content must be educational in nature and not commercial. Content can range from beginning level articles for novices to more advanced or complex pieces that would interest other professionals. Any length is also accepted.

BCE welcomes the general public to submit material for display on our website in the Seeker Reports section of the Awakening section.  Reports that are substantial, concise, well written and free of new-age, religious and/or common spritual jargon will be considered first.  Seeker Reports include (but are not limited to) mindfulness and awakening insights, spiritual experiences, shifts in perception and understanding, temporary (non-abiding) awakening experiences and permanent (abiding) awakening experiences.  Share anything that you would find helpful to others.

Submission Time Frame:

We will review everything sent, therefore, we ask you to be patient with our response time. Expect a response in 2 – 3 weeks.

Acceptable File Types

Text Files: TXT, DOC (no pdfs please)

Graphic Files: JPG, (300 dpi – we will downsize as necessary)

All submissions should include the following info

  1. font: Time New Roman, 12 pt
  2. single spaced between lines and double spaced between paragraphs
  3. one space between sentences and after colons
  4. no indention at the beginning of new paragraphs
  5. length: 300 to 1200 words
  6. longer articles ideally should be broken into 2 or more sections at appropriate breaking points.
  7. capitalize only the first letter of each word for titles of articles/videos and author names
  8. include a short bio and head shot
  9. category

Submit Content/Questions to: