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50 Natural Cures for Depression

50 Natural Cures for depression

From snake oil to remedies, practices & cures- Join the movement, learn how to overcome depression naturally & return to a healthy, happy life.  You or someone you know is probably depressed.  If so, I bet the following may apply to you: This battle with depression has been lingering intermittently or chronically for years, and while pharmaceuticals have provided some ...

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Depression and Awakening by J. Stewart Dixon

I talk a lot about existential depression… It’s a very important element, if not the most important element in the spiritual awakening / enlightenment process.  Existential depression and spiritual awakening are two sides of the same coin. Existential depression is the invitational doorway into spiritual awakening.  Existential depression is the natural healing expression of transcending egoic mind-based pain, suffering, and separation. ...

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How will this change me—will I be happier? by Peter Fenner / Theory

A question that frequently, and naturally, arises in any type of transformational work is, “How will this change me?” “Will I be more effective?” “Will I suffer less?” People would like to hear that their lives will be richer, more harmonious, and that they will be better able to deal with challenging situations. It’s tempting for people to infer that ...

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Doing the Work by Leonard Jacobson / Theory

Awakening is simple. In just one evening teaching session, or a private or telephone session, I can reveal to you the keys to liberating yourself from the world of the mind, so that you open up into the fully awakened state of Presence. There is nothing complicated about being present. It is our natural state. But remaining present in our ...

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The Paradox of Non-doing by John Greer / Theory

Most of us are habitual doers; we want to be in control, get somewhere and have something to show for it. We live in a world where self-improvement is a high priority and our accomplishments are the measure of our worth. When we hear that the very concepts of doer and doing lose their relevance on the spiritual path and ...

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Neuroscience is catching up to Spirituality by J. Stewart Dixon / Theory

Last fall I took a Mindfulness and the Brain course at the University of Virginia’s Mindfulness Center. It was a revelation; not in terms of the mind’s potential, or it’s power to change or its’ more esoteric capabilities. Nope. I learned those lessons from some twenty-five years of spiritual seeking and now teaching in the schoolhalls of new-age metaphysics, yoga, ...

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