Welcome to Blue Collar Enlightenment !


Howdy- My name J. Stewart Dixon and I’m a spiritual teacher, with well, sort of a pathetically funny issue- I don’t really like spirituality or main stream religion or conventional new age belief or super intellectual  philosophy- because, truth be told, I never wanted to be spiritual.  I got into spirituality because I was unhappy, anxious and depressed.

At about eighteen I realized that life on earth– at least the way it‘s usually doled out- wasn’t good enough. Something was missing. Something was broken. Fast forward about twenty years, a thousand books, twenty different teachers (mostly nondual, zen and neo-advaita types) and a bucket load of tears – and I overcame the unhappiness, angst, anxiety, depression and the lonely sense that something was missing. Now, I teach things like mindfulness, self-awareness, open-eyed meditation and spiritual awakening. (All with a healthy dose of humor)  I call what I teach Blue Collar Enlightenment.   If you’re new to the spiritual path or your path is old, stinky, crusty and in need of a reset then welcome aboard !

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